• Place the Watch-Body into the Case.

  • Position the Ring on top of the Case and Watch-Body, so that the heels of the Ring fit into the cuts of the Case.

  • Press the Ring lightly downwards and turn in clockwise direction. You will hear a calming “click“ when the assembly is secured.

    (Turn counter-clockwise to release the Ring.)

  • To change the strap: push the pin on the bottom of the watchband towards the center. Thereby you can connect or disconnect the strap from the lugs of the case.


  1. gently pull out the crown to position B

  2. turn the crown to set time

  3. press the crown back to position A


Penarosa watches feature a voguishly eye-catching appearance. We provide the following recommendations to preserve the chic and flashy look of your watch over a long period of time:

  • Avoid forceful impacts; it is not recommended to wear your watch while playing any sports - espacially sports that may cause any shocks or jolts to the wrist. (Penarosa watches are designed for dancing only)

  • Avoid contact with fragrance, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine.

  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme or sudden changes in temperature or humidity (sauna, Jacuzzi, hot springs, etc.).

  • After building or re-customizing your Penarosa watch, like changing the Ring, always make sure the assembly is secured.

  • If you would like to clean your watch, you can use a very soft cloth, soft brush and soapy water.

  • To change the battery (5 years lifespan) of your Penarosa watch, please visit your local watchmaker, watchdealer or jewelry shop, or contact We advise you not to leave an old battery inside your watch as an old battery can leak and damage the movement.

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