Congratulations on an excellent choice: a watch from Penarosa.

Penarosa watches are manufactured with the highest care and love to detail. We guarantee every customer who has purchased a watch, that this watch will be free from defects in material or workmanship for two years, starting from date of purchase. In the unlikely event of such an error occurring, we remedy this at no cost to the customer usually by either

  1. repairing the product;
  2. or providing the customer with a new product.

If you feel that any of your Penarosa products does not meet the quality standard of a luxury watch, please contact us via, and our quality department will be happy to support you regarding any concern and requests you may have.

Excluded from the warranty are signs of use caused by normal wear, like for example scratches on the metal or tears on the leather straps. Claims under this warranty are also invalid if the watch has defects or damage caused by improper use.

Collector Benefit

To preserve the collector image of Penarosa watches, every single interchangeable element – every case, every watch-body, every ring – is signed with a unique engraving indicating the series of manufacturing and its unique number. For example the very first roségold case from the very first production series would show: I. 001/XXX

If you have any further questions, we are happy to help:

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