€ 125.00
Ring color: White
Sorry, the Penarosa collection is currently sold-out.
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    You are only buying the highlighted element, and not a complete set of a Penarosa watch

    This watch-element is interchangeable and compatible with all of our other elements.

    By adding this interchangeable watch-element to your collection, you can enjoy more versatility of your Penarosa watch. The swapping of any of the four Interchangeable elements can be done easily, anytime, anywhere and without the use of any tools.
    See Users Manual

The Penarosa-ring comes in many colors for a reason: We are passionately in love with fashion and so we like to have choices in our wardrobe(s). Building a Penarosa-collection, it really helps that the Penarosa-ring can be swapped easily, quickly, anywhere and anytime.

Level-up your fashion game by matching the color of the beautifully lacquered Penarosa-ring with your daily nail polish.

Material: ros├ęgold plated Stainless Steel
Finishing: high-shine polishing
Filling: polished colorful enamel
Thickness: 3 mm
Diameter: 38 mm

What if you find yourself going out to a party, or dressing to get on a date, and you do not feel to style and match your outfit?

Well, ...then maybe Penarosa isn’t for you.

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