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Case color: RoseGold
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    You are ordering the highlighted element only.

    This watch-element is interchangeable and compatible with all of our other elements.

    By adding this interchangeable element to your collection, you can enjoy more versatility of your Penarosa watch.

    The swapping of any of the four Interchangeable elements can be done easily, anytime, anywhere and without the use of any tools.

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Nothing less than artistic and aesthetic brillance: The Penarosa-case. Glamorously sparkling like a thousend diamonds when hit by light, the sparkling frosted-gold finish on the surface area of the case creates an eye-catching contrast with the elegant high-shine polish that adorns the sides and edges.

Editor's note: Available in silver and rosegold, the aesthetics coordinate effortlessly with every type of jewelry – while a Penarosa watch is the perfect jewelry itself.

Material: stainless steel (ros├ęgold plated)
Surface: sparkling frosted-gold finish
Sides: high-shine polish
Caseback: linear brushed finish
Diameter: 38 mm
Thickness: 5 mm

What if you find yourself going out to a party, or dressing to get on a date, and you do not feel to style and match your outfit?

Well, ...then maybe Penarosa isn’t for you.

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