Some see the most beautiful symplicity, others see the most harmonious complexity. Everybody sees symmetry at the finest.

Penarosa's signature style celebrates the empowering aesthetic of confident shapes and lines, while artfully playing with a dash of roségold, soft pastel shades and the most eye-catching finishing techniques to give the design its unique femine charm.

»Strong by design, Playful by character.«


Nothing less than artistic and aesthetic brillance: The allure of a Penarosa watch is perfected by an unparalleled high level of finishing, polishing and refinement – drawing to the long-held traditions of Italian style.

Glamorously sparkling like a thousend diamonds when hit by light, the impressive fiorentine finish on the surface area of the case creates an eye-catching contrasts with the elegant high-shine polish that adorns the sides and edges.

»The result looks so cool.«


It may be colorful, but this makes Penarosa only more noble: Designed with a dash of roségold and a touch of soft pastel shades, watches by Penarosa are ideal for more sophisticated wrists.

Pastel pink, serenity blue or pink champagne: With Penarosa's modularity fashion-consciousness has never been more playful.

Editor's note: Looking for a style-consciousness impression at the finest? Match the ring color of your Penarosa watch with the color of your nail polish.

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